Assessment for Management of
    Psychological/Chemical Imbalances
    and Mood Disorders
    These sessions include the proper and
    selective use of medications for the treatment
    of anxiety, panic,  depression, “mood swing”
    disorders, general stress and many physical
    disorders caused by stress and
    chemical/emotional imbalances. At times, this
    also includes the assessment and treatment of
    addictive patterns (usually in conjunction with
    a counselor, therapist or addiction treatment
    program).  This may also include the treatment
    of certain physical disorders or symptoms such
    as headaches, fibromyalgia and other stress
    related problems.

    One-on-one sessions with Dr. Marshall are
    held in the comfortable setting of his Life
    Purpose and counseling office in the front of
    the building at 515 N. Highland. The sessions
    require 30 minutes to one hour with periodic
    short follow-ups. If more in-depth counseling or
    training is needed for your specific needs, he
    will let you know after the first or second
    session so you may schedule a series of
    longer sessions over several weeks.

    Please note, Dr. Marshall is not a
    psychotherapist. If you are working with a
    counselor, he advises that you continue those
    sessions. His approach is complementary to
    your work in therapy. Often he works with
    patients referred from various doctoral or
    master’s level counselors.
Assessment for Management of Psych/Chemical Imbalance and Mood

emotional medical degree, he has a B.S. in
medical degree, he has a B.S. in has a B.S. in
Psychology and has taken Psychology and has
taken additional training in psychology,
behavioral health, psychiatry and stress medicine.
psychiatry and stress medicine.
and stress medicine.

    Dr. Marshall maintains current knowledge
    of the rapidly developing field of Brain-
    Mind medicine through regular attendance
    of continuing education workshops.
    He also attends training programs in
    psychopharmacology through the
    Neuroscience Education Institute (NEI) and
    the U.S. Psychiatric and Mental Health
    Additionally, Dr. Marshall stays current on
    the latest research on holistic approaches
    to stress and emotional health.