Preventive Physical Exam:

    The annual physical examination is a valuable preventive
    tool, yet many people put it off or avoid it altogether.  The
    reasons for this may include problems with long waits in the
    waiting room or examination area, a cold clinical environment,
    and very brief contact with the doctor.    

    The advantages of preventive  physical examination are
    clear. With the advances in early detection, many health
    problems can be successfully treated or reversed before
    becoming serious enough to affect quality of life. A thorough
    examination with screening and early detection procedures
    can create peace of mind for an individual and his or her

    Less Stress                                                            
    The approach is geared to significantly reduce the stress
    typically associated  with a physical

    Better Atmosphere                                                 
    A comfortable, non-clinical space is utilized for much of the
    examination time. Most patients find this more relaxing than a
    typical exam room.                                                      

    More time with the doctor                               
    The physical examination and counseling takes about one
    hour.  Time for the physical examination is reserved for one
    patient at a time. Results and recommendations are
    thoroughly reviewed and discussed. Patients have time to
    bring up questions and concerns
    in a relaxed atmosphere.    

    Lab results available to the doctor during the physical
    One initial brief visit is scheduled to gather history and lab
    samples. This takes about 30 minutes. The physical with the
    doctor is scheduled for 1 to 3 weeks later, allowing time for all
    lab results to be returned. This allows the doctor to more
    thoroughly explain the results and make preventive health
    recommendations during your visit.

Tests included:
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Urinalysis
  • Blood profile with     
    general chemistries
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Thyroid level
  • Complete Blood Count
  • PSA prostate screening      
    for men

By request at additional cost:
    HIV screening
    new cardiac risk tests
    VAP cholesterol, cardiac
    CRP, and homocysteine

    This program focuses on
    health screening and
    education. Treatment of
    existing conditions or new
    symptoms should be
    scheduled for a regular
    doctor’s office visit.