Stress Medicine Program

    Dr. Marshall incorporates several techniques
    to create a holistic approach to managing
    stress. By combining meditation and relaxation
    training with emotional release techniques, a
    powerful method of balancing and clearing the
    body is established. This approach is
    significant for several reasons: first, it allows
    old stored stresses and traumas to be
    released; second, it allows a deep level of rest
    and rejuvenation to restore balance to the
    system; and finally, it emphasizes self-help, the
    teaching of techniques and tools a client can
    use on their own daily to release stress and
    tension and improve and maintain health.
    In some cases a client’s system is so far out of
    balance chemically, specific medication is
    needed to restore the balance before
    significant progress can be made.  This is
    especially true with severe anxiety, depression,
    and other mood disorders. Dr. Marshall will
    prescribe appropriate medication in a very
    judicious way to help correct these
    imbalances.  This can be done along with the
    meditation and release work. Additionally,
    nutritional approaches and physical exercise
    may be suggested.
    Dr. Marshall's work is a complement to
    customary psychotherapy and counseling, not
    a substitute. If  you are undergoing counseling,
    Dr. Marshall requires that you continue and
    obtain approval from your counselor to go
    through his program. If you aren't seeing a
    counselor, in certain cases he may suggest
    you work with one as part of the program.
    The basic program requires four  
    50-minute individual sessions
    approximately 1-2 weeks apart.
    The components of the basic
    program include:

  • Meditation Instruction
  • PEER® Emotional Energy Recovery
    Program (Emotional release
    techniques for difficult emotions such
    as anger, fear, or grief.
  • Insight into personal patterns of
    distress with suggestions for change
  • Intuitive guidance for deeper healing

    In addition to his medical degree, Dr.
    Marshall holds an undergraduate degree
    in psychology and is thoroughly trained as
    a meditation instructor (TM and other
    types) and PEER® counselor. He has
    been teaching and practicing meditation
    for over 30 years and using PEER®
    training in his practice since 1990.