The “whole person”  approach means looking at each individual from a body-mind-emotion and spiritual

    The Integrative approach means willingness to integrate non-drug, alternative and self-care techniques and
    programs into the conventional and  traditional approaches of  diagnosis, medicine and even surgery when
    necessary…. then come up with numerous options that may be helpful for your conditions. To Dr. Marshall,
    this is a “best of both worlds” approach and one that stands to promote a deeper form of healing and growth
    rather than simply an alleviation of symptoms.

    Dr. Marshall’s special programs and “whole person” type of practice generally require longer physician visits.
    While Dr. Marshall does still provide a traditional short (10 to 12 minute) medicine check/refill type of visit when
    appropriate, most of his visits are from 25 minutes to 50 minutes, depending on your specific need or type of
    Dr. Marshall takes an educational approach with self-care techniques. He covers as much as possible in the
    longer visits that are structured for this purpose.
    This approach is not for everyone and it is not covered by insurance plans. You may wish to schedule a       
    free introductory session with Dr. Marshall to determine if this approach is right for you.
About Us

About Dr. Marshall’s Mind-Body-Spirit  and
Integrative Medicine Services

    While maintaining an open mind about alternative forms of
    medicine, Dr. Marshall also stays current on the use
    of medicine to regulate or balance the mood or state of mind.
    He does not support the use of alternative medicine to the
    exclusion of necessary traditional medicines. His main goal
    is to effectively blend traditional and non-traditional
    medicines to not only heal a symptom but to help people
    make changes that  enhance overall well-being.

    Dr. Marshall had a life-changing event when, at age 14, he
    was struck by a car. He was severely injured and spent
    much of the following year in the hospital, in danger of losing
    his right leg. This experience taught him the importance of
    state of mind and attitude in healing and solidified his
    respect for traditional medicine and surgery.

    In recent years,  Dr. Marshall has found that he prefers to
    spend more time with fewer patients and address
    needs in the areas of health education, well-being, and
    prevention of illness. Please explore the web site and
    call his office for a free introductory visit if you would like
    more information.

    About Dr. Marshall:

    Daniel P. Marshall received his medical degree from The University of Tennessee at
    Memphis in 1975. A senior medical school research project became the foundation  
    for  Staying Healthy Without Medicine, a book co-authored by Dr. Marshall along with
    colleagues Greg Rabold and Ed Wilson and published in 1983. The knowledge,
    principles and teachings in this book were the guiding philosophy of Dr. Marshall's
    early years of practice. He has been practicing general medicine in Memphis for
    nearly   30 years  with an emphasis on preventive, stress, and psychological
    medicine. Additionally, he is trained as a meditation instructor, PEER® emotional
    health counselor, and is certified in the Life Purpose Career Clarification Process®.  
    He practices his unique form of integrative medicine by incorporating these and other
    non-traditional techniques.  

    Dr. Marshall is known in the Memphis area for his balanced, open-minded approach
    to medicine. His approach is based on the connection between the mind and the
    body. He believes that he mind speaks through the body and that much can be
    learned if we listen. His office building also houses counselors, massage therapists
    and Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture services.