Life Purpose Program, based on Life Purpose Career Clarification Process®
    Who benefits from Life Purpose® ?

    Essentially, anyone not satisfied with their work and career can benefit. The
    process is especially suited to motivated, entrepreneurial persons who wish to
    start their own business or change careers. Likewise, it is ideal for younger
    individuals to help determine in what field(s) they wish to study or seek
    employment. Additionally, this process can be very useful for those wishing to be
    of greater service to people whether in charitable  or income-producing pursuits.
    A wide variety of people can benefit from this short-term focused process , which
    helps them “jump-start” a new direction toward greater personal and career
    Life Purpose® Graduates Say….

    “The Life Purpose course helped me figure out what I want to be doing and create paths to
    get there. Dr. Marshall has a true gift in helping facilitate what people need.”-B. Jetton

    “I wasn’t looking for a job, I was looking for something to make me want to leap out of bed,
    and that’s what Life Purpose gave me.”                  -P. Copeland

    “The course helped me work through my emotional fears. Dr. Marshall gets you through
    the process step by step to reach your goal. Plus, as a facilitator, he practices what he
    teaches.”                 -D. Laurenzi

    would goals and passion.”             -D. Nichols
    goals and passion.”             -D. Nichols

    “ The program is individually tailored and fits the needs of your own process. The Life
    Purpose course helps you get to a deeper level of your core values.”      -D. Flick
    Life Purpose Program®

    About 80% of the working population are not fully satisfied with
    their work and career. The Life Purpose process is designed to
    help clarify if your present work is right for you. It is especially
    suited to those looking to find their “higher purpose” or mission
    in life, and to those who wish to integrate this higher mission or
    purpose  with a career.
    Life Purpose counseling is conducted over 6-8 sessions,
    including career interest testing if needed.
    Dr. Marshall completed the Life Purpose Process training and
    was certified as a Life Purpose consultant. He became
    interested in this work due to his belief that chronic stress,
    emotional health problems and physical problems are due in
    part to the “split” that people feel when their work does not
    reflect their deepest inner values.